Misty Walk Landscape in Graphite

by Wendi OBrien

Graphite Collaboration

Welcome to my studio….I’m Wendi O’Brien thanks for dropping by.

In this speed drawing I am completing a misty landscape in graphite.  I recently did a live tutorial on this project from start to finish. 

If you would like to follow along in real time, I’ll leave the links in the description below.

This project came about when Sergiu Mann contacted me as asked if I would like to do a collaboration.  He laid out the guidelines and of course I was in.

It is all about using budget friendly products to make art.  We were limited to 5 graphite pencils of our choosing.  We both brought 3 references for a total of 6 and 3 papers that both were randomly chosen on a live stream which you can watch below.

You will also find additional videos of the live streams where I went through step by step then entire piece.

If you would like to follow along, you can get download the line drawing and reference by visiting my downloads page.

Live Streams

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