First Time Using Oil Pastels – Drawing A Pumpkin

by Wendi OBrien


Recently got a killer deal on some oil pastels that I couldn’t pass up so thought I would draw a pumpkin using oils pastels for the first time and share my experience or lack there of with this medium.

It was definitely an experience I will remember for quite a while and hope you enjoy my recap of the process and journey I went through. This is a bit of a fun video and not so serious because sometimes you just have to laugh at the process when things are going not quite as you would like.

I do give a few tips on the way and what I learned throughout the video. I hope you enjoy watching my journey and pick up a tip or two along the way.

Hope everyone has a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving and Holiday Season!


Mungyo Oil Pastels

Canson Mi Tientes Paper – front side

Blending Stumps

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