Minds Eye Prompt – HUGE Color Pencil Artwork

by Wendi OBrien

Mind's Eye Project

In this video I share part two of the collaboration I did with Chrissy from Xrissart. I used colored pencils to create this Mind’s Eye Prompt.

This was by far the largest colored pencil piece that I have completed measuring in as 22 X 30 inches. It took around 40 hours to complete.

The prompt for this piece was: “Looking through your minds eye, you see an unrecognizable reflection in the stillness of the waterfall pool surrounded by flickers of hope. The night sky is reminiscent of northern lights with a hint of a sunset to the west.”

Please note that the discussion in the video may be sensitive to those struggling with depression, mental illness or addiction and viewer discretion is advised.

Please, if you suffer from any of these seek help. You are important, you are worthy, you are loved.

Chrissy’s video for this prompt 

My finished time lapse video of Part 1 

Part 1 collaboration – 12 hour live stream 

Supplies used:

Paper: Stonehenge Legion – black 22 x 30 inches

Pencils: Lightfast, Luminance & Polychromos

Kneaded eraser

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