1 Reference + 4 Artists = Different Artwork

by Wendi OBrien

Today’s discussion is all about using royalty free websites to source your reference photos.  While there are several you can choose from both free and paid, I have heard it over and over that everyone uses those sites and I don’t want my piece to look like others.

Well, unless you are doing hyper realistic, which in that case it will look like the photo anyway, then in reality, once you put your style into the piece it will be different.

Don’t believe me?  Take a look at this video where myself and 3 other artists uses the same reference, but notice how they are all completely different.

Make it your own

So as you can see, using various colors and styles none of the final pieces resembled the other.

You could further change it by changing the angle of the subject or flipping to face the other way etc. 

So don’t be afraid to use royalty free sites just because “everyone” does.  Be creative and make some changes to make it your own.

Still not convinced?  Well, the next option to to get out there and take your own photos.  Then there will never be a worry of having something someone else has. But keep in mind a monkey is a monkey, and tiger is a tiger, so in the end you may end up with something similar to someone’s artwork anyway.

So I say, just have fun and do what make you comfortable and have the time and ability to do.  After all it is supposed to be fun isn’t it?

Until next time…keep on arting!

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