I completed a nice little Step-by-Step Leopard Eye tutorial to help out one of my students. They were struggling with the eye and thought it would be good to share my process on how I completed the realistic appearance of not only the eye, but the fur as well. YouContinue Reading

This is a little apple study I completed where I take you step by step on how to complete not only the apple, but also the apple itself. This is a great tutorial for the beginner and those looking to advance their colored pencil skills without using OMS. While youContinue Reading

In a recent post I gave my Top 6 Reason for Paper Swatching. Now we couldn’t put that out without a follow up on how to paper swatch now could we? So here I explain how I like to paper swatch. If you would like to learn my Top 6Continue Reading

Ever wonder what those numbers and letters mean when you get a set of graphite pencils? Well, find your answer here, in this video. Keep in mind that not all pencils are created equal and with the lack of industry standard for the grades, each manufacturer’s grades may not beContinue Reading

In this video I got over the importance of a value scale and a tutorial on how to make one. It is important to understand the value scale as this is what creates depth in artwork as well as perspective. This not only applies to mediums such as graphite orContinue Reading

Completed Swatch Book

How I Make My Color Swatches I recently did a video tutorial on how I make my color swatches.  Keep reading for Directions and measurements are below, as well was the supply list. Why Make A Color Chart While it is a little time consuming to do, the benefits youContinue Reading