Sunflower Droplets Color Pencil

by Wendi OBrien
Sunflower Droplets

Not the Medium Intended

Sunflower Droplets

Sunflower Droplets

When I began this piece I originally wanted to use Derwent Inktense Pencils and Blocks.  I had already laid this out on my paper and was ready to start.  never using Inktense, I began playing around with it and was not happy with my blending results.  Because of this, I decided to go ahead and use colored pencils.

I was a bit concerned with the paper choice once I decided to use color pencil.  I was right to be concerned, but decided to press on.  I can’t say that I didn’t struggle, because I definitely did.  I couldn’t get the smoothness that I am accustomed to and blending ended up being slightly different as well.

The Struggle is Real

Sunflower Droplets WIP

WIP Sunflower Droplets

I constantly fought with the paper, trying to get smooth blending and fill in the gaps of the paper.  Had I not used different paper in other projects I probably would have given up on color pencil forever.

I know that materials matter, and yes I probably should have changed paper when I decided to change mediums.  All is not lost.  I did learn a lot working with this paper and gained an understanding of blending and mixing colors that I probably would not have gained had I decided to change paper.

The droplets were another challenge, but then water and transparency is another whole animal in itself.  I feel I did achieve my goal with this piece, even with the struggles that could have been avoided.

Maybe next time I will LISTEN TO MY INTUITION.

My Supplies

The supplies I used for this piece was very minimal.  You can click on the link if you would like to purchase any of the materials used.

Polychromos Color Pencils
Strathmore 400 Series Watercolor Block
Mona Lisa Oderless Mineral Spirits

I did not see the point in complicating things anymore since I was already struggling with my decision in the first place.

Time Lapse on YouTube

If you would like to see a time-lapse video of this piece, visit my Artista 365 Channel and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss any future videos.

Satisfied with Result

Considering everything, I am completely satisfied with the result of this piece.  I achieved the water droplet look.

I would have liked to blend the background a little more, but found that I was just making it larger and more defined the more I worked on it so decided to leave well enough alone.

There are of course things that I would change, the first being the paper I worked on, but I really can’t complain too much because the results are still really nice.  No it’s not my best piece ever, but then again not every piece will be and it’s all about the learning process and improvement over time.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about this piece and don’t forget to check out my video.

Have a blessed day,
Wendi O’Brien
Artista 365

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