Well as promised I have been working to update a lot of stuff and today I started working a bit on the website….and I even blogged ūüôā . I have updated the gallery as it was in sad disrepair. I believe most of my new stuff is now up andContinue Reading

Well I have been a bit absent from blogging as well as updating the website. Well I am hoping that is now a thing of the past. I have created a new schedule and starting to get into a groove with my art, videos and Patreon. Yes, I started teachingContinue Reading

Pastel Bubble

This was a fun little Pastel Piece I did. I recorded and made a speed drawing for you to watch me create this awesome piece.Continue Reading

In the Beginning I chose this piece to learn color pencil. ¬†Not only did I choose really difficult subjects, but I also chose to go very large 14″ wide x 8″ tall. ¬†That may not seem very large, but to complete something that big in color pencil takes A LOTContinue Reading

Artista 365 Livestream Schedule

Official Launch May 15, 2017 I am officially announcing the beginning of my live stream schedule.  Beginning next week I will be streaming on Twitch and YouTube for my art.  Check out my schedule above.  Might change it over time depending upon viewership, but for now this is what IContinue Reading

Pastel Rose Completed

The Rose This piece was so fun to do.  I have always loved a red rose against a black background.  When I saw the reference photo for this I knew this was one I would want to do.  Check out my time-lapse video on YouTube. I knew right away thatContinue Reading

Smart Art Box February 2017

What is the Smart Art Box? The Smart Art Box is a monthly subscription where you receive full size art supplies each month. DISCLAIMER:  This is not a sponsored post or video.  I purchase my Smart Art Box every month and look forward to receiving mine each time.  I doContinue Reading

Completed Swatch Book

How I Make My Color Swatches I recently did a video tutorial on how I make my color swatches.  Keep reading for Directions and measurements are below, as well was the supply list. Why Make A Color Chart While it is a little time consuming to do, the benefits youContinue Reading

Sunflower Droplets

Not the Medium Intended When I began this piece I originally wanted to use Derwent Inktense Pencils and Blocks.  I had already laid this out on my paper and was ready to start.  never using Inktense, I began playing around with it and was not happy with my blending results.Continue Reading