Video Recorder Screen

Happy New Year!  2017 is going to be a great year with lots of things happening. In Process Artwork So I began this piece in October, but one thing lead to the next and this is as far as I have gotten.  The ice is my nimesis right now, butContinue Reading

Well, the time has finally come and I have switched over to another provider.  This website will be more interactive than my other one with social media and youtube, thus, I am hoping to update more with this streamlined process. I have big plans for 2017, but then, I alsoContinue Reading

Well, I have finally settled on a theme/layout for the site and what you see is the result.  I have spent countless hours trying to get something that provided me with the functionality that I wanted, but still have a different look from everything else that was out there. IContinue Reading

I just wanted to let you know that there are exciting things happening in the coming year and I am looking forward to sharing them with you.  Make sure to follow me on social media to get the latest updates. I know there is not a lot on here now,Continue Reading