A Little About Myself

Wendi OBrien - Artista 365
Wendi OBrien – Artista 365

My name is Wendi O’Brien.  In the fall of 2015, I decided that it was time to finally take the jump into art full time.  This gave me the opportunity to share my journey with others like you in the hope that I can help you along the way.

When growing up I always seemed to be working on some sort of project.  My first memory of creating things was with my grandmother when she showed me how to crochet.  I later was introduced to oil painting around the age of 8 by my grandmother on my father’s side.  I also learned to needle point and cross stitch (though I find cross stitch more enjoyable between the two).  I would doodle here and there, but nothing really stuck.

After getting married to my first husband, we were stationed in Okinawa and this is where my painting comes into play.  I learned to pour ceramics and tole paint and became pretty proficient at both.  So much so, I began selling my work at craft fairs and had many repeat customers.  I also taught tole painting at the base hobby shop and in my home.  After moving to Hawaii, I also taught tole painting at the local Michael’s Craft Store.

My excitement in that style began to fade and I decided to take a break from everything.  Several years later, I divorced and remarried and began painting ceramics.  I struggled with that because I was not able to actually pour my piece and felt that the piece was never completely mine.  I took another long break.

I always wanted to learn to draw and had an opportunity to take a drawing class.  I found I was pretty good at it from the beginning, which ignited my fire so I began taking all the art courses available to me including digital art.  I loved every minute of it and was encouraged to pursue a more professional aspect by both my instructors and classmates.

Unfortunately, I did not immediately heed their advice and lost much of the progress that I made while I attended class.  My desire continuously grew until I finally made the decision to start working on my art full time.  I decided I was going to explore unfamiliar territory and that brings us to present and what this website is about.

I will be sharing my experience of redeveloping my skills and my explorations in new mediums. I am hoping by sharing this, I will be able to encourage others and help others further develop their skills along the way.
If you have any questions, suggestions or just want to say “Hi”, feel free to leave a comment.  I look forward to meeting you and responding to your comments.

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